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One of the first things that often gets asked within youth ministry conversations is ‘Where do you get your Resources?’

It is important to remember that the very best resource that we have in youth ministry is People.

As you read this, it may not be what you expected, please read and there will be what you are looking for at the end!


When people see something modelled they find it easier to understand. Being a Christian is about keeping rules and regulations. It is about loving God and living for Him.

There are ways to explain to others the ‘How do we do that?’ but they are more simple than we think.

Jesus had a group of twelve young people (disciples) for three years and even some of them didn’t get it  – Peter denied Him, Judas betrayed Him. Jesus showed us that investment in people over a long time is the way that we ‘teach’ Christianity


This means who you are as a person is more important than what you know, what resources you have, how messy your games are, or how well you dress.

This is also true for the other volunteers you are working with. The most important thing is that you love God and you show other people that you love God and that they see how it works out day to day.

A good resource with the wrong volunteer can end up very badly.

A bad resource with a good volunteer can be used or adapted and be great.


With this in mind it is important to make sure that you are an active disciple and you are taking time to invest in your own discipleship and living like Jesus wants us to, spending quality time with God.

The young people are watching us and we are the example to them.



For those of you who are still looking for resources here are a few organisations with great websites:

Scripture union

Urban Saints

Youth for Christ

Premier’s Children and Youthwork Magazine is a great monthly resource –  full of ideas, thought- provoking articles and help.

Daniel Beckett

My name is Daniel Beckett and I am the Children and Youth Pastor at Godmanchester Baptist Church. I am married to Hayley and have 3 children. I enjoy running, spending time with my family, and being on my allotment.

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