Schools and Young People

INTRODUCTION For some of us school only seems like yesterday, for others it’s a long gone era. Whether it’s the memories of the move up from primary school, the fitting in, feeling noticed or left out. Or maybe it was the readjustment with being naturally academic or...

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INTRODUCTION Anything to do with society and culture can get very complicated very quickly. With big words and sweeping philosophical statements that perhaps don’t mean a lot to those in the real world. In reality, it is just us trying to understand ourselves as we...

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Family, Friends and Parents

INTRODUCTION Working with young people can be hugely rewarding and sometimes challenging. Trying to understand a young person and the influences that affect them can be difficult. A young person’s world is defined by so many factors, three of the most important are...

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Post Christendom

INTRODUCTION People who use the term post-Christendom are wanting to highlight a particular shift in Western European/North American society, if not beyond. The shift they are highlighting is the shift from a time when religious affiliation, citizenship and politics...

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Young People & Social Media

INTRODUCTION People are spending twice as much time online compared to ten years ago with young people aged between 16 and 24 spending more than 27 hours per week on the internet1. In addition to this the 2015 Annual Media Monitoring report suggested that young people...

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