Using Drama in Youth Ministry

INTRODUCTION Some of you reading this will already know the benefits of using Drama and the Performing Arts within the context of Youth Ministry. You may know firsthand how drama can break down barriers to communication between young people and get them actively...

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Planning a session

INTRODUCTION If you are involved in youth ministry you will often find that you need to plan for something that you are doing. It may be for a whole session with them, it may be a short talk, it may be a games evening, it may be a formal teaching context. It is really...

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Working with Secondary Schools

INTRODUCTION As youth workers one of the greatest resources we have are the local Secondary Schools. By working with the local schools, we can reach many young people in their community. This allows us to connect with them where they live and in a place where they...

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INTRODUCTION The word curriculum can bring to mind thoughts of inflexible, structured, boring schemes of work. It is rarely the type of word you hear being banded around on a regular basis within youth work circles. It doesn’t quite prick the ears as quickly as ‘How...

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Youth Resources

INTRODUCTION One of the first things that often gets asked within youth ministry conversations is ‘Where do you get your Resources?’ It is important to remember that the very best resource that we have in youth ministry is People. As you read this, it may not be what...

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Engaging Models of Bible Reading

INTRODUCTION How do we engage young people in Bible reading? Well it is actually a more difficult process than ever before, but fortunately, there are also more resources too. There once was a time when people had to memorise scripture, they would earn badges and...

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Forward Planning

INTRODUCTION People are different in the way that they plan for things. Some people will plan a long way ahead and other people will leave planning to the last minute. Youth ministry within churches is reliant on volunteers and volunteers are the people often running...

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INTRODUCTION An evaluation or review can occur on many levels, from the strategic to the personal.  But one of the most effective forms of evaluation, and the one we will be focusing on here, is the session evaluation. Session evaluations are carried out by the whole...

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Discipleship 2

INTRODUCTION Discipleship can be misunderstood perhaps because it is often over-complicated or badly implemented within the Church. Discipleship is not a fad from a period in church history, nor is it an optional extra for the radical few. It is the thing. The very...

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