Whole Church Involvement

INTRODUCTION Few would deny that the Church of Jesus Christ is for all ages, that no one demographic should have a monopoly. So why are so many churches in the UK missing whole generations of younger people? Can church be truly intergenerational or is the generational...

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Mapping your community

INTRODUCTION When a church or a youth ministry looks to consider it’s impact, its outreach strategy, its purpose or even a greater understanding of it’s place in the community then mapping your community becomes a really helpful tool and exercise. One of the central...

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Team roles and responsibilities

INTRODUCTION ‘Team work makes the dream work’  - It’s one of those phrases that you hear everywhere. Little do people know where it comes from however. It is a quote from John C. Maxwell in his book Team work makes the dream work. Aptly titled. The full quote reads...

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Theological Reflective Practice

INTRODUCTION Theological reflective practice is the art of thinking about what you do, in order to do it better in the future. Theological reflective practice is more than just thinking about what you can do better.  Reflecting on practice involves thinking about how...

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