Overview of Policies & Procedures

INTRODUCTION Here we aim to give you a checklist of the paperwork that you need in place to work with young people. By paperwork we mean the policies you need to work to, and the paperwork that we would advise you to use when working with the young people. We do not...

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How to work well with young volunteers

INTRODUCTION Young volunteers are an invaluable resource. Bursting with energy, passion and enthusiasm, they are an asset to any team. But they can also bring challenges. There’s a strange time of transition between being a young person and becoming an adult within a...

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Safeguarding and Young People

INTRODUCTION Protecting the young people we work with should be at the core of what we do; giving them a place of safety, love and justice, for all but especially for those who do not find it elsewhere. It is vital that we are safe to work with young people,...

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Forming A Volunteer Agreement

INTRODUCTION Value volunteers or watch them walk away! It’s important that we value and give time to the relationship between ourselves and the volunteers we work with and alongside. Spending time in the forming of good working relationships and the background...

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